Bradberry & Green
Interior Designers.

We are…

Marcus Bradberry and Alexis Green. We make homes beautiful to look at and a pleasure to live in.

Marcus Bradberry
Alexis Green

We help people like you.

Senior couple testimonial image.

A well planned retirement home.
“Our home is now beautiful and functional. Bradberry & Green incorporated many features into the design that will be so useful as we grow older.”

Henry and Lucy West.
fashion designer testimonial image.

Stylish city apartment.
“As a fashion designer, I had a lot of my own ideas. Alexis and Marcus helped me develop, improve upon, and implement those ideas. I’m delighted with the results.”

Jasmine Peterson.
Young couple testimoinal image.

From 70s to new age.
“We inherited a house that hadn’t changed since the 1970s. Bradberry & Green helped us transform this museum piece into a beautiful and functional family home.”

Bella and Tom Hartley.

Our Services.

We offer three main services.


You can pick our brains for a price. We often help smaller or newer design firms and home owners who want a to take a fresh look at the options available.


We design single rooms, large houses, apartments, offices, work-spaces, and public areas. If you want your surroundings to look better, get in touch.


We have long established contacts with trusted businesses. If you can imagine it, we can design it, and our contacts can implement it.

Recent Work.

We work closely with our clients bring their visions to life. Whatever your dream home looks like, we can help you make it happen. These are just a few of our most recent projects, we hope they give you an idea of the work we do and the people we help.

About Us

Marcus Bradberry


After graduating from Design College in 1995 Marcus worked for seven years as an in house interior designer for Big Brand. He returned to education to gain his Interior Design MA. After meeting Alexis in 2010 he founded Bradberry & Green.

Alexis Green


Alexis graduated from Design College in 1999. She worked for Impressive Business for four years, then Big Town Design for six years. She met Marcus at an awards ceremony where they were competing for the same award. They decided their skills complimented each other and have worked together ever since.

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